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Well made


Nice game!

Very funny!!


I played for four months every day! I never buy anything and also never committed any irregularity ! one day I will play and I am banned !!! By email, after 5 days , they told me I REALLY had been banned but they do not know exactly why ! They said they would not reimburse me or allow me to continue with my account ! a shame!








Very great

Horrible knockoff

The what seems like 20 hour tutorial which is unskippable by the way makes you wish someone would import a real pokemon game to this platform. This knockoff just isnt even close to being it.


Great game! Only problem is that it is too addictive! Best game ever!!

Great game for various ages

Like the title says, its fun for me and my son to play together. We are both Pokemon fans and this game fills the void of pokemonless Apple products.

Dont play its a total rip-off

This game is a total rip off developers make u pay loads of money just to get good monsters a total waste of time. its garbage and boring. I play hunterisland its so much better I think the devs just rushed this.:(


A fair game, similar-ish to pokémon. I will warn it does become addictive and is very good for long term gameplay!


This is the fourth or fifth game played. They start out okay, but always end up you cant win. It is impossible. No way to get the good creatures. Do not buy it, waste of money. Negative number five.


Great game! A lot of fun to play content is always updated theres always new online missions opening up

Fun game

Old concept but decent mechanics. New to the game and loving it. Not one of those app games that you have to be on a lot to be successful but still enough to keep you occupied.


Love this game just wish the had some sort of advantage of banking gems like use 50 for ten spins and one guarantee of legendary

P2W is the bane of these games

Neomonsters is trully a good but it really represent a pay to win model. I still think its worth a try though.

Awesome game

Really fun and addicting game. Been playing it since release. Takes work and patience to get equipped for endgame. Dont expect to play it for a couple weeks and be a top player. Love it. Great to play during downtime

Best phone game to Date

Ive been playing this game for around 8 months now and I can easily say it is the best phone game in terms of fun, quality and longevity. Some people will complain about the rarity of legendary monsters but remember its all about luck to get them, I went a very long time without getting one but about 2 months ago I got one and now I have 6. In addition they have great community support on the forums and on their Facebook page if you ever have a question or concern. Also there are a lot of great Youtubers that upload great content for this game if you ever want to watch them. I cant say enough good things about this game other than you have to play this game!


Great game but impossible to get all monsters without spending an arm and leg and cant catch good monsters in story like hunter island , should be able to catch everything in game

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