Neo Monsters App Reviews

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Its pretty good.

Its kind of like a final fantasy Pokemon mix. Some of the tutorials were un skippable and annoying.

Great game worth the buy

Im not sure what these people below are saying but in my opinion this is definitely worth the buy! Thanks producers

Spend money and plz giv back legendary


Extremely disappointed

Worst cash grab in years, game is unplayable without spending a lot on a roulette wheel with extremely low odds of getting the all important legendary monsters. I was a true devotee of this series, now they couldnt beg me to play. Anyone with access to Pokemon go should skip this garbage. Update is garbage too, cant change the fact that this a giant cash grab, still garbage. If you want to need a model for success look at the quality of Pokemon go.

Very fun

It satisfies my my craving to play Pokémon

Theres a bug with the daily gift

Its been 2 days that I havent received none of the daily gifts


The game lacks creativity. The story and gameplay are not intriguing. This is mainly a cash grab. For those seeking a good alternative to Pokemon, the game "Micromon" is by far the best (in my opinion).

It is unplayable without gems and the eggs! And gems are very expensive... ($1 per gem!!!)




number one

This game fantastic

Great game, nice effect cool design i love it

changed vote

I write my past comment while Im in my rage but now I see how much effort you guys spend on this project about the problem Im nagging about I solved shutting down problem by downloading a tweak named Nitrous . You put on super power up event and ıts far more easier to get omegamid and about 50 seconds stun bomb I think I can live with that :) thank you guys for noticing us :)


This game is really pleasant. Nice graphic, good game!


Everything is perfect



Please add Russian language

This game is beautiful but I need Russian language . Please...... >:0


Good good game !!!


Buon gioco


Mi piace molto

Bel gioco

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