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Its a great game. Easy to pass time time with, and a good concept for the story. For only a dollar its an amazing game. Especially if you dont have something to play a Pokemon game on,

Greatest app ever

This is some of the best stuff Ive ever played like forreal, can I have free gems

Fun and addicting!

Just started playing and I already can tell Ill be playing for awhile.

So far, so good

I havent finished the 2nd round of the Rookie League, but so far this is a fun game. Definitely worth the 1 dollar it costs.

Good game

Its a good game but it takes 24 hrs to get keys. Keys are used to get evolution material you need for high evolution. Mho that is a bit long if you play this day to day. They make it difficult to play free once you pay for app because you need gems and they make the challenges to hard to get gems..


Great game. Very fun

Great game!

Great game for Pokemon lovers. I still prefer individual monster fights better since you focus more on individual monsters rather than a group of them.


Its fun


Worth the low price its a must buy

Pay to Win

Unless you have the high star monsters that can only be acquired through the 5 gem eggs. You are at a severe disadvantage. The enemies you face will always be at their max stats, while youre lucky if you can get a few stats maxed before running out of training sessions. It doesnt matter how many battles you win, there is a limit on how strong your monster can become. But if you have a team of Legendary monsters anything is possible. Its not worth the investment of money into this game to acquire gems to use. Since an epic monster is an epic fail compared to the monsters above it.

Honestly, the new Pokémon

I used to play Pokémon all the time on my DS and to be honest, I kinda got tired of it, but when I got this game and actually played it, its honestly the new Pokémon. Its a great game to play while listening to K-Pop:)) I recommend it without hesitation.


This game is funner then Pokemon. The makers of this game really made a masterpiece! The monsters are easier to find and you dont waste time searching for those rare monsters which can waste your entire day. If you have a busy schedule, this is the Pokemon game for you!!! There was a problem with the servers but they fixed it and refund you with gems. Great job team!

Honey Its Worth it

Ok some things are eh but over all THE BEST POKEMON RELATED GAME EVER some times u lose monsters but you only capture them u you see them come down and roster so best game ever


What monsters you get and whether or not you can upgrade them is almost entirely based upon luck/how much more money youre willing to spend. Been playing for a month and I havent gotten any of the highest tier monsters. I even begrudgingly spent extra money in the hopes of getting one to no avail. Please add a skill aspect to it, because this is ridiculous.

Seems good so far.

The game seems good so far but Ive only played for a day. Maybe it should wait until later to prompt for a review.


A lot better than watching two frogs go at it on the tip of my boot while I drip tabacco spit on there backs as my cow Betsy eats lemon flavored Oreos and milk she got from her sisters utters cuz hers dried up about a year ago she is still a little sore about it but thats my sweet Betsy best utters you ever seen on a two legged dairy cow

So far so good...

Two days in and Im please with the story and the monster designs. Its highly affordable and doesnt force data usage... As far as I can tell.


Pretty cool game

Its not Pokemon!

I was about to go on a 8 hour plane ride and I wanted something to entertain me. I love Pokemon and I though hey, this might be good so why not! And I was honestly really impressed. Each monster has its own awesome design and it has a unique battle system. Pokemon games have been gradually getting easier and honestly I dont even need to train them anymore! But in this game you actually have to plan your attacks and use a strategy. Great fun and can entertain you for a while. Plus you dont need to use wifi so its great when your far from home.

Great game

Love this game. I have beaten all the leagues and i am loving it so far. Only problem are the eggs that you buy can be a little un-trust worthy but everything but that its a great game

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