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Amaze balls

Game is super fun, easily paced and challenging. Spending 5-20 bucks over the course of a couple months on Gems and getting great monsters is worth it. 100%

Great game

Fun to play whenever you want and at your own pace. Play for a little bit, or a long time. No restrictions


Original battle original art original name and it tried to copy Pokemon but it was sonthing totaly different thing in a good way

So fun

I love this game, its similar to other games but I thinks its way better

Great Game!

This is a good, inexpensive and fun app.

Great alt Pokemon game!

So far Im really liking the game a lot reminds me of Pokemon back in the day!

Great game now right back too it

Great game so far!

Just started out and its a little slow to get into the main story like Pokemon. But it gets a lot better

Good Game

This game is fun

Super fun

Its hard to stop playing this app

Worth every penny!

As good as I hoped I’ve been waiting for 2 years for this, and it was worth every minute and every penny. For a game that’s the same price as a bottle of coke, it’s absolutely great! On a surface level, it looks a lot better than Hunter Island, now that monsters are animating and stuff, instead of just bobbing up and down. It’s got some real solid strategy, even more than previous games. I run into some enemy who feels overwhelmingly powerful the first time, but just by tweaking my team, then I totally crush him on my second try. It’s amazing how a little planning can go a long way. The AI is a definite improvement from the last game, and now enemy monsters don’t just kill themselves for no good reason. Some of the weirder stuff like training took some getting used to, but now I like it better than dragging around weak monsters to level them up. Not much of a fan for the stamina on the online stuff, but it’s not that bad. Even when I thought I was stuck in the story and all I could do was to wait for my tickets to recover, I’d try fighting the same guy again with a different team, and then win. It’s not so much a wait-or-pay game, but a wait-or-think game, imho. Also, the music is memorable, I wish they’d make them available for download.


Ive been playing this game for a while and unless you spend money you wont really get any good monsters/creatures. They make events extremely hard for new players and players who dont spend money on the game. Overall this is a good concept for a game but it is poorly executed. I might start playing it again once they make it easier to play.


Combat is not as engaging as I would have hoped, I would suggest making combat more similar to the game we all know this is cloned after. When I paid 99 cents for this app up front I didnt expect a p2w freemium game structure to be shoved down my throat from the get go, make the app free if youre going to be milking the micro transactions. Really these are my two only complaints (though they are nearly deal breakers, and I just started) and the rest of the game is well designed. Ill stick around for a few days to see if it grows on me.

Restore game data

This game is very fun and addictive! But the only problem is that I cant get a hold of my old game data back without the Restore Code, how can I find the Restore Code? Please help me, thank you.

Dont spend money on gems anymore.

Spent $200 didnt receive one legendary. Plain and simple, new egg hatching system makes it incredibly difficult to get anything worthwhile, and if youre like me and have had the game for a long time. Done giving my money to these people. Good game but is slowly becoming more and more money-hungry.

Much better

The game has gotten more challenging, which is nice!

Pay to win

Ok game but they make it seem like you can get better with micro transactions. But you usually get ripped off. Dont do micro transactions

Well done

Game is as good as Pokemon as anything youll find on the App Store.

Its ok but dont spend $

This game was fun but the try to make you spend $. Spending money on eggs isnt worth it, I tend to get a LOT of duplicates. For real their old games were good and not pay to win. This game will try and try to get you to spend money and when you do you get ripped off.

Could be amazing..

Key word is "COULD". This game could be amazing but has too many downfalls. I want to play it 24/7 but with having to use keys and only having so many tickets I play for a couple minutes and then Im stuck. The "random" monsters you are supposed to get is totally BS. Out of the 6 different types Ive gotten 1 type 6 times. Considering I can only try once a day and I keep getting the same monster that I dont need, Im getting annoyed quickly and very bored. Rare gems could get you good monsters but thats a gamble and the money they want for the gems is outrageous. A dollar for one gem?! It takes five to get an egg and you could get a weak monster. I do enjoy the game and if you have patience, too much money, or just better luck than me maybe it will be great for you.

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